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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

AIRBORNE, a bass and drum duet featuring Bret Mann on percussion. Released in 2010 on ILS Records, in association with Cardas Audio, featuring 9 original songs mixed by James Tuttle and mastered by Grammy-Winning Engineer David Glasser at Air Show!

"Bassist  Dean Peer  teams with percussionist Bret Mann for this jazzy, rock-inflected recording. Observe Peer's breathtaking arsenal of bass techniques and use of audiophile-grade effects plus the sheer realism of Mann's drums and cymbals." - The Absolute Sound,  2011 High-End Audio Buyer's Guide



“Along with long-time veteran percussionist, Bret Mann, Peer's latest work called Airborne is a thrill a minute ride on a jazz-rock infused roller coaster”……“Mann keeps a steady cadence as the music grows into a driving two-man orchestra for blues and drum kit. It is a wild ride”. RJ Lannan, The Sounding Board



Bret Mann’s clean, crisp, and incredibly tasteful percussion work helps keep the song’s loping rhythm on track, treating the listener to some of the best-recorded drum and cymbal sounds I’ve ever heard captured on any fusion/jazz disc”.

Chris Martens, The Perfect Vision

Photo; Courtesy Billy Hoke

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